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Romi, acupuncture and massage patient:

“Debbie is a truly holistic healer.  Using acupuncture, massage, ancient wisdom and mindfulness she is able to bring a rich source of approaches to whatever you are facing in life.  I have been a client for many years and I turn to her for treatment, support and guidance whenever I am ill, in transition or facing a major crisis.  I am lucky that she journeys alongside me.  Her offer is as much or as little as you need and she has excellent contacts and suggestions when she thinks you need additional help or specialist treatment.  She is warm, generous, compassionate and wise and quite capable of pushing you along if she thinks you are stuck.  She has set me off on many life enhancing pathways and I am very grateful to her”

Yordanka, acupuncture patient:

“My boss  recommended Debbie to me for her acupuncture as I had a really bad back. I was so sceptical and I refused, but after three months of unsuccessful  different types of other treatments I decided to give it a go, and after just one visit I was so happy and surprised. I was able to walk pain free. My boyfriend was also happy that we were not going to sleep on the floor any more.”

Kellie Mears, 8 week one-to-one mindfulness participant:

“My husband and I completed the 8 week MBSR course with Debbie privately after someone suggested I would benefit from the course.  I didn’t know what to expect as an “outcome” (I would encourage people to be open minded and not prescriptive when it comes to this), but over the 8 week journey I have learned that having invested this time in myself I have become the person I had been striving so hard to be; I’m more content and kind to myself and others, I’m no longer rushing through life thinking that everything is urgent and important and wishing away my week to get to the weekend.

With over 20 years of her own meditation practice, Debbie hasn’t forgotten the beginner’s experience and thankfully has a fantastic ability to explain, coach and guide you through your journey, using her own experience, examples, readings, analogies etc.  In addition to the face to face time, you have reference materials to support your learning and Debbie’s voice to guide you through your meditation practice – absolutely brilliant!!

I feel like mindfulness was a huge secret that no one had told me about, but now that I’ve opened the door I know I won’t be closing it again.”