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Mindfulness describes a way of paying attention. it’s about being aware of whatever is happening in the present moment, and noticing rather than judging or reacting to that experience.

Researchers have reported the following benefits of mindfulness
– greater insight and self-awareness
– better concentration and creativity
– improved self-confidence
– greater friendliness to oneself and others
– improved physical health
– a fresher relationship to our experience and the world around us

Debbie teaches an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course as part of her company Being Mindful.
One to one mindfulness is a more personalised approach. Typically, a one to one training session might begin with a two or three hour face to face or online consultation during which time you will be introduced to the benefits of mindfulness training, theory and experiential practice. We can then talk through the outcomes that you want from
the training and what your daily schedule looks like. Together we can figure out an experimental programme for the first week of your training and practice.

After that by way of weekly mindfulness coaching sessions of approximately one hour, your programme of practice can be developed and refined until the point where you feel you have had sufficient training to keep the practice alive on your own.

You will learn:
– to stay in touch with the present moment and be less caught up in
negative thought patterns
– to develop more helpful responses to stress
– to use simple meditation techniques which can transform daily
life including sitting meditation exercises (eg mindfulness of
breathing), body scan and yoga

One-to-one mindfulness
1st session: 2 hour training £150;
2nd and subsequent sessions: 1.5 / 2 hours £140
Zoom: 1 hour £90