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In psychoanalytic psychotherapy we examine, through the vehicle of the therapeutic relationship, what might be getting in the way of us being able to be at ease in the world and to help gain a deeper understanding of our thoughts and emotions. Together we navigate what could be keeping us stuck in our cyclical suffering. We may compassionately explore why and how, fear, grief, anxiety, loss of meaning, disappointment and depression can come to overwhelm us.

We can discover how to slow things down and explore different perspectives to give new meanings, purpose, and ways of being. This can loosen the grip of the obstacles that prevent us from loving and being loved. We may find new pathways of thought to open up our lives, to spark energy and develop the capacity to turn towards the difficulties in our life.

I have years of experience with supporting people through many kinds of transitions and past and present traumas with a flexible, person-centred approach, focusing on the individual’s values and needs and with a respectful and responsive attitude for long-term or short-term psychoanalytic therapy or counselling.

Along with Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy my longstanding work has been as a Mindfulness trainer and Meditation Instructor, so I have a depth of understanding of the suffering of the human condition and the ways in which stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma can influence our behaviour in everyday life. 

I have an interest and personal experience of Buddhist practice and psychology. This training is in the background of my psychotherapy practice.